The Borrel

Just like all notable study associations Van der Waals has its own pub, which is called de ‘Salon’. De ‘Salon’ is located on the sixth floor of Flux. Every Thursday between 4pm and 7pm students and employees of the faculty Applied Physics gather here and enjoy their favorite beers.

De ‘Salon’ is of course well visited by students but it is not your typical student pub with only students, plenty of faculty employees are regular visitors as well. Due to this mixture of students and staff the Borrel has grown to become the meeting place for physicists in Eindhoven. De ‘Salon’ is the best place to informally discuss internships, study progress, the newest discoveries in physics or catching up with friends, while enjoying the taste of a ‘Lamme Goedzak’, ‘Karmeliet Tripel’, ‘Verboden Vrucht’ or a ‘Rodenbach Grand Cru’.

The selection of beers in de ‘Salon’ exists of about 100 ± 10 craft beers. There is no draft beer available in de ‘Salon’ to emphasize our selection of craft beers. The numerosity of craft beers in de ‘Salon’ allows you to experience a new beer every week and discover your own tastes and favorites. Besides the standard selection of beers, there is always a place for seasonal specialty beers. In addition to the large selection of craft beers a selection of spirits, sodas and snacks are available. All of this is sold for very student friendly prices.

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