About TMC

TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This enables them to always give their best. No matter how challenging their environment is.


People are the driving force behind technological innovations. That’s why we believe that true breakthroughs come from creating the best possible conditions for great people to thrive in. In other words: it pays to invest in people.
We unite professionals with a passion for all aspects of technology. They’ll work wonders in any type of technical environment. And drive research, development and engineering for any type of customer.


In this rapidly evolving world a new generation with different values and relations are looking to make their career in technology. Not within a company as an employee, but with several customers, as professionals, whilst finding purpose. We add value to our customers’ business by matching independent professionals precisely to their needs. We empower our Employeneurs to excel. We give them guidance and a splendid opportunity to develop themselves. We strongly believe that Employeneurs can reach their destiny by investing in a Yourney in which they share and build their knowledge with other people at TMC.


TMC’s Employeneurs are trained and experienced technical specialists who combine the comforts of employment with the opportunities that entrepreneurship offers them. They create added value, for themselves and especially for the organization they work for, by continuous self development.
And just like our Employeneurs have our clients’ best interest at heart, these are the people that look after our Employeneurs and their opportunities.


With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy we are every inch a pan-European organization. But our reach and outlook is even bigger than that, as our projects and customers are anywhere. From Madagascar mining sites to Chinese high tech manufacturers; our Employeneurs feel right at home.

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High end engineering consulting

Dynaflow Research Group is a worldwide well respected engineering consulting firm focussing on complex engineering issues. DRG provides services in all aspects of design and analysis of industrial systems in the Oil&Gas industry. We are specialized in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. By combining our expertise in fluid flow behaviour, dynamic oscillations, FEM and stress analysis we solve the most technically challenging problems for our clients.


Challenging projects

Since none of our projects are the same, each project requires an open and intelligent mind. Engineers at DRG are challenged by a wide variety of technical issues in an international marketplace. With an average project duration of several months our engineers stay challenged on a daily basis: performing a transient pressure analysis in week one, while switching to a system failure assessment the week after…


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“Explore the inspiring power of your strengths, relate to your weaknesses and trust on making a valuable contribution. That is what Future Employability means at Forexx.”



The 21-century global economy, impacts our daily lives at a fast pace, driven by innovations in many aspects. Inspiring times in which we are enabled to explore new opportunities. At the same time demanding times, in which we are required to quickly relate to a new situation or environment to make a valuable contribution.

Companies require competences today, which may no longer be sufficient tomorrow or change even more dramatically over time.


Our promise: Future Employability

Acquiring more knowledge or becoming more experienced in what you do by itself is not enough.  Developing your personal skills, the skills to adapt, and experiencing different environments is an increasing valuable asset for your career, your Future Employability.


If you join Forexx, we will explore the assignments which will deepen your knowledge and skills, and especially broaden your scope. Meanwhile Forexx will support you by training, personal coaching and interactive knowledge sessions with colleagues and/or clients. All within the trusted framework of long term employment.


Together we provide our clients in individual tech-consultants who make a valuable contribution to the development of our clients’ technology and products. Forexx employees are appreciated to a level that, acknowledging mutual interests, some might find their future employment within the clients’ organization, others will choose to grow to a level of a (senior) engineering consultant within Forexx.


Core Values

Forexx has defined five core values to support its promise of “future employability”:


“We explore, inspire, relate, trust, and contribute”


These core values are a reflections of Forexx’ identity and a guideline for our employees to their own future employability. The Forexx Talent Profile, based on the five core values, supports personal development according to Forexx’ promise. Your Future Employability starts now!


Discover TNO

Do you want to do ground-breaking work in multidisciplinary projects, seek out new knowledge? Do you want to help customers with innovative, practical and smart solutions? Are you ambitious, energetic, a thinker and a doer?

Flying start

As a starter at TNO you have many options. You can specialize or you can develop in a broader sense. You could become a consultant or top researcher. Or maybe you see yourself as an R&D engineer or leading a project. TNO offers you fantastic prospects in which you have a great deal of freedom and responsibility in shaping your career. From the moment you join us, your career development is in the spotlight, in part through the special Talent Development Program or the Traineeship. As a new colleague you get an extensive introduction and education program so that you can feel quickly at home at TNO and get off to a flying start.

Your development

TNO is an innovation and knowledge organization without parallel. This means that we also attach great value to your personal and professional development. From the moment you join us, your career development is in the spotlight and as a new colleague you get an extensive introduction program. An important part of this is training in self-management so that you can steer your career path in a specific direction, such as applied technology, commerce, consultancy, project or line management or corporate support. Interested?

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Flow Traders

About Flow Traders

Flow Traders’ Offices: Amsterdam (headquarters), New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cluj
Number of employees: 400
Positions: Junior Trader, Quantitative Trader, Quantitative Researcher

Since 2004, Flow Traders has been a principal trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in New York, Singapor, Hong Kong and Cluj accommodate more than 400 employees. Throughout the years, Flow Traders has received the industry’s recognition, winning numerous awards and has been listed as a company since 2015.

Flow Traders is a privately held financial firm that keeps pace with global markets. Our business expands each day by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.

Flow Traders stays ahead of the competition by focusing on technology and niche competencies in markets where every second counts. This requires access to the best information and the ability to respond instantly. To achieve this, Flow develops its own software in-house. Our team of software developers works in partnership with experienced traders to identify and execute tomorrow’s strategies, making Flow a daily pioneer in professional trading.

Team effort
In order to maximize our performance and facilitate our international growth, Flow Traders heavily invest in our employees. The backbone of our success is the collection of creative doers, thinkers, and above all, believers who form our company. Flow Traders fosters a strong team-oriented culture which rewards people for their contributions to the company as a whole rather than only in their direct area of responsibility.


Quantitative Trader

Quantitative Researcher

Junior Trader


More than 70 years of experience in manufacturing industry

NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto-)mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semi-conductor, life sciences and digital printing markets, in which precision and manoeuvrability are paramount. NTS excels in these disciplines, advising and assisting customers in the realization of their objectives throughout the machine’s entire lifecycle.


Over recent years, NTS has amassed knowledge and know-how of systems and modules for the handling, transfer and positioning in machines. This knowledge is duly applied to our customers’ unique products, leaving our customers free to focus their full attention on their core processes and, together with us, delivering their machines in a shorter turnaround time and at a lesser cost.

At NTS flexibility, ambition and expertise form the basis for efficient collaboration that is both solutions-driven and service-oriented. What’s more, we are local to all of our customers, worldwide. This means direct lines of communication and fast responses on our part.


Working with NTS means: Accelerating your business!


Some facts

•Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

•More than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry

•More than 1.700 employees

•More than € 250 million turnover

Discover the solutions we have built:

Internship or graduation project?

Our internship and graduation projects give you the chance to develop professionally. This is why we continually offer students work placements and graduation assignments that enable you to play an active role in one of our many projects or to receive hands-on job training. We offer internship opportunities in various areas. Regarding if an Internship or graduation project is available on our website, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to guide you.


Student Project Assignments


Bij de bedrijven van het Innovatiecluster Drachten is er altijd behoefte aan nieuwe medewerkers met verse ideeën. De bedrijven werken op verschillende applicaties aan high tech systemen. In het hart van deze applicaties zitten vaak belangrijke natuurkundige puzzles zoals antenneontwerp voor radiogolven, bescherming voor electomagnetische straling, sensorontwerp van IR sensoriek , het toepassen van nucleaire geneesmiddelen, toepassen van beeldversterking (photonica) etc.

Kortom uitdagingen volop, die in gezamenlijkheid met electrotechnici, werktuigbouwkundigen en technische informatie collega’s aan gepakt moeten worden.



The Swiss-based Allseas Group S.A, founded in 1985 and headed by Edward Heerema, is a world-leading contractor in offshore pipeline installation, heavy lift and subsea construction. Dynamism, inventiveness, rapid progress and a no-nonsense attitude are the hallmark of Allseas.


To stay ahead of the industry, we are developing tomorrow’s technology today, transforming bold ideas into state-of-the-art solutions to meet the market’s ever changing needs. Worldwide we have executed more than 290 projects and installed over 21,500 km of subsea pipeline, operating a fleet of specialised heavy lift, pipelay and support vessels designed in-house.


Our record-breaking heavy lift and pipelay vessel “Pioneering Spirit” marks a technical breakthrough in installation and clean and safe removal of oil and gas platforms. Equipped with unique motion compensation and single-lift technology, she is a game-changer, boasting lifting and pipelaying capabilities unrivalled anywhere in the offshore industry.


“Pioneering Spirit” redefined heavy lifting with the single-lift removal of Shell’s 24,000 t Brent Delta topsides in 2017. Installation of Equinor’s 22,000 t drilling platform topsides earlier this year was the heaviest and fastest platform installation ever executed. Also built to lay record-weight pipelines in all water depths, “Pioneering Spirit” is now installing 32-inch pipe in the Black Sea at depths of 2200 m. Never before has such big pipe been laid at such great depth.


Are you ready to take the next step?

We are looking for ambitious, creative engineers with a can-do attitude to strengthen our 200-strong Innovations Department. Spread across several locations in the Netherlands, this multi-disciplinary team is responsible for the design, development, testing and integration of complex, cutting-edge systems and equipment that enhance the technical capabilities of the Allseas’ fleet.


The possibilities at Allseas are endless. From designing the biggest construction vessel in the world, to developing fully autonomous pipe transfer cranes, to simulating welding equipment in virtual reality, we want quality-driven team players looking to test and advance their skillset in a dynamic and challenging environment.


Our engineers are involved in the complete product development cycle: from the experimental (failure is an option) proof-of-concept phase, up-to the offshore (failure is no option) commissioning phase on-board one of our vessels.


If you have a healthy sense of adventure, a creative mind, and you are not afraid to step into a helicopter to test your latest creation on-board one of our vessels, then we can offer a wide range of career opportunities across a variety of disciplines.


Do you trust your own vision and have the courage to pursue it? Then join the thinkers, leaders and visionaries at Allseas! Are you ready to take the next step?


Then visit

Broadview Holding

About Broadview Holding

Broadview  is a holding company (belonging to HAL Investments) that pursues long-term growth and value creation through active support of its operating companies and efficient capital allocation.

Our aim is to support our companies in their development to become and stay the reference in their industry. So that they are still relevant decades from now. We believe this approach benefits all stakeholders, from our employees to our shareholders and from our suppliers to our clients.

The group currently employs around 1.400 FTE worldwide divided over seven operating companies that can be grouped in three sectors:

  • material technology – Trespa (NL) and Arpa (IT)
  • personal protective equipment – Intersafe (NL) and Elacin (NL)
  • energy – Broadview Energy Solutions (NL), Barents NaturGass (NO) and Molgas (ES)


International Trainee Programme


Athenaeum Booksellers

Athenaeum is delivers your study books! As Van der Waals member, you can buy your study books at Athenaeum with a discount. More info? Visit

Welcome to Athenaeum Booksellers, one of Holland’s and Amsterdam’s largest independent bookstores. Not only do we have a large stock in the literary field, but also in various academic fields, such as (classical and modern) languages, the humanities and the social sciences. About 40% of our stock is self-imported. The Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum offers a wide range of foreign and local newspapers and magazines, plus a curated selection of travel guides and books on design, fashion and lifestyle.


Actief in de sectoren Aerospace, Defense en Security is Thales Nederland met 1.800 medewerkers de topaanbieder van hightechbanen. Productinnovatie en snel inspelen op de nieuwste technologische mogelijkheden zijn onze drijfveren. Spraakmakende voorbeelden daarvan zijn radar-, communicatie- en command & controlsystemen voor marineschepen en communicatie-, beveiligings- en betaalsystemen voor het bedrijfsleven. Thales Nederland is onderdeel van de Thales Group met 70.000 medewerkers in ruim 50 landen, waarvan 22.000 werkzaam in R&D en daarmee is Thales een van Europa’s grootste elektronicabedrijven en heeft wereldwijd een uitermate sterke positie.

Buiten de vestiging in Hengelo kent Thales Nederland ook:

  • Thales Communications, gevestigd in Huizen. Zij richt zich met name op communicatiesystemen, -netwerken, warmtebeeldcamera’s en nachtzichtkijkers voor militaire-, marine- en civiele toepassingen.
  • In Delft heeft Thales Nederland een eigen afdeling Research & Development op het gebied van radartechnologie en radarsystemen.
  • Thales Cryogenics, gevestigd te Eindhoven. Zij houden zich bezig met het ontwikkelen en fabriceren van koeling systemen.

Binnen Thales Nederland zijn er verschillende mogelijkheden om je vanuit een technisch georiënteerde startfunctie verder te ontwikkelen. Als leidinggeven jouw ambitie is, is een functie als lijnmanager of programma manager een toekomstige mogelijkheid. Wil je ook andere vakgebieden leren kennen, dan word je misschien de brede generalist, die zich ook internationaal staande kan houden. Ga je liever de diepte in, dan biedt Thales de mogelijkheid om je te ontwikkelen tot de specialist die op hoog niveau met (internationale) vakgenoten de technologie van de toekomst ontwikkelt.
Thales Nederland biedt startende technici met een resultaatgerichte en assertieve instelling en een flinke dosis samenwerkingszin volop uitdagingen om zich in de breedte dan wel in de diepte optimaal te ontplooien in een internationale omgeving!
Thales Nederland biedt daarnaast jaarlijks een keuze uit ruim 100 interessante stage- en afstudeeropdrachten, onder professionele begeleiding en met uitstekende faciliteiten.
En check onze Facebooksite voor de interessante en leukste nieuws updates:


Applied Micro Electronics “AME” B.V. provides solutions within the disciplines of Research, Design, Development and Manufacturing of electronics, mechatronics and embedded software.

At AME you will be working on a broad scale of projects for customers in the field of offshore, consumer lighting, smart energy, infrastructure, automotive and building automation.

In a team of professionals you will develop high-tech products in the field of electronics, embedded software and mechanics.

As a young professional you will have vast attention of your senior mentor who will help you to develop yourself and will introduce you to the relevant training programs.

The project team you will be working in, consists of engineers with various technological backgrounds:

Electronics development

The electronics development group provides state-of-the-art electronics with high quality. The group has a very strong mixed signal track record, providing solutions with analog components as well as high speed DSP, complex controls and RF technology. A key strength is the close cooperation with de Manufacturing unit resulting in excellent Design for Test (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Cost of Goods (CoG).

Embedded software development

The embedded group excels in fast time to market and flexible, yet solid, robust, and thoroughly qualified software. It has strong competencies in micro controller firmware development, Linux embedded software development and Windows CE software development on a whole series of platforms and chip sets. They provide custom components but they also leverage on a suite of key software components.

Mechanical development

The mechanics group concentrates on product design as well as on the automation of the in-house manufacturing facilities. Product design, including the necessary moulds and tooling is done within this group. Besides that, simulations on strength, lifetime and user interaction are performed. Special tool, machine and robot design supports AME operations to highly automate the manufacturing of a complete product.


ASML is a high-tech company, headquartered in the Netherlands. We manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or computer chips. Over 30 years, we have grown from a small startup into a multinational company with over 60 locations in 16 countries and annual net sales of €11.8 billion in 2019.

Behind ASML’s innovations are engineers who think ahead. The people who work at our company include some of the most creative minds in physics, mathematics, chemistry, mechatronics, optics, mechanical engineering, software engineering and computer science.

Because ASML spends more than €2 billion per year on R&D, our teams have the freedom, support and resources to experiment, test and push the boundaries of technology. They work in close-knit, multidisciplinary teams, listening to and learning from each other.

If you are passionate about technology and want to be a part of progress, visit

Put your study to work
We welcome students from all over the world to join us for internships and graduation assignments at our global headquarters in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Want to see what’s possible? Gain hands-on experience and support with ASML scholarships or attend a career event for students and PhD graduates. Learn more at

Video about ASML:
Video working at ASML:



Getting ready for real-world R&D



DEMCON is een high-end technologieleverancier van systemen en producten. Onze focusgebieden zijn hightech, industrial & vision, embedded, optomechatronic, medical en unmanned systems. Sinds 1993 zijn we uitgegroeid tot de DEMCON Groep met vestigingen in Enschede, Son, Oldenzaal, Groningen, Delft en Münster (D) en klanten over de hele wereld. Samen met 550 medewerkers zijn we verantwoordelijk voor het bedenken en uitwerken van innovatieve en creatieve oplossingen voor complexe vraagstukken van de klant. Afhankelijk van de wensen gaan we aan de slag in verschillende fasen, van conceptontwikkeling tot serieproductie.


Werken bij DEMCON

Bij DEMCON kom je terecht in een groeiend en innovatief bedrijf. Ondernemend als we zijn, zetten we ons vol overgave in voor technisch complexe projecten. In multidisciplinaire teams nemen we de verantwoordelijkheid om een toegevoegde waarde te leveren en door te gaan totdat het systeem werkt. Dit biedt jou veel uitdaging, afwisseling en de kans om jezelf te ontwikkelen. DEMCON begeleidt hierin en biedt volop doorgroeimogelijkheden via ons brede interne en externe cursusaanbod. We juichen eigen initiatief toe en je krijgt daar alle ruimte voor. Dankzij enthousiaste en betrokken collega’s zijn de lijnen in onze organisatie kort en is de werksfeer open en informeel. Er ontstaan leuke contacten, zowel op de werkvloer, als daar buiten. We hebben een actieve personeelsvereniging die regelmatig uitjes, activiteiten en een jaarlijks weekendje weg organiseert.


Meer weten over DEMCON? Bezoek onze website!


Making Markets. Making a Difference.


IMC is a market maker and one of the world’s leading trading firms. We are mathematicians, makers, and mavens. Traders, technologists, and tacticians. We think globally, commit locally, solve problems methodically and give back seriously. Being smart gets you in the door. Continuously striving for improvement and a restless curiosity will help you succeed.




Being a market maker means being ready to buy or sell securities at any time, facilitating the transfer of risk for market participants. Our highly-automated systems and trading strategies ensure tighter ‘spreads’ between bid and offer prices, reducing costs for buyers and sellers. Solving complex problems and learning constantly, we’ve played our part in making financial markets more efficient for almost 30 years.




We work better when we work together. Of course, with more than 500 people from many cultures and nationalities, working across time zones and locations, teamwork can be its own complex challenge. Good thing we like complex challenges!


The solution: an open, diverse culture built on trust, integrity, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. And a team of driven, dynamic people empowered to be creative, to communicate openly, and to collaborate. Across offices in Amsterdam, Sydney and Chicago, we encourage our people to learn, improve and innovate, and give them all the support they need to do so.


Find out more about the difference you can make at:


Trading Technology Assistant (academic part-time job)

Graduate Trader

Da Vinci Derivatives

Da Vinci is a privately-funded company that is owned and managed by professionals who have set high standards around trading, technology and company culture.


Our Story

Da Vinci is the brainchild of David, Vidit anJiteshu. After a long career in trading, they decided to start on their own. Founded in 2015, Da Vinci is focused on trading derivatives on multiple exchanges across the globe. The company is based in Amsterdam as it has historically been a central place for trading, with the world’s first stock market established here in 1602 and the European Options Exchange in 1978. Also many electronic trading companies have their base in Amsterdam, which creates a perfect infrastructure and workforce availabilities. In the near future we are looking to open new offices to facilitate further growth in Asia and the US.

Our Vision

We aim to create the best proprietary trading house in the world. We like to work with smart, talented and passionate people from all around the world. Our philosophy towards work is best captured by the saying:

“Be good, work hard and
great things will happen”

Our Business

Da Vinci identifies and trades opportunities in financial derivatives based on in-house developed strategies with a short to medium term horizon focused on volatility. This can mean that multiple products are traded against each other based on correlations but also that long (short) positions in under- or overpriced volatilities are taken across asset classes.

By arbitraging and market making these differences Da Vinci helps markets to become more efficient providing benefits to end investors. The instruments traded include, but are not limited to:

  • options and futures on single stock equities
  • index and fixed income futures and options
  • options and futures on volatility indices and dividends

Da Vinci trades solely with its own money creating natural risk awareness and does not have any customers.

Our Company

Over the past couple of years Da Vinci has been growing successfully and will continue to do so. This growth is largely due to the experience within the company and the ability to attract the most talented people in the industry, train them, provide them with all the required tools, continuously challenge them and thus allowing them to grow both professionally and personally. Our business is highly innovative, IT driven and entrepreneurial by nature. As a company we strongly feel that attracting the best requires providing the best.



Quant analyst


Actuarieel Instituut

Altijd al iets leuks willen doen?

Het best bewaarde geheim in Nederland is toch wel dat het beroep van actuaris de afgelopen vijf jaar op nummer 1 staat van het ‘beste banen onderzoek’, dat Elsevier ieder jaar in samenwerking met SEO Economisch Onderzoek uitvoert. Uit dit onderzoek blijkt dat het beroep van actuaris het hoogste scoort op alle facetten waaraan een topbaan voor starters (HBO en WO) moet voldoen. Ben jij handig met cijfers, goed in wiskunde en heb je een economische interesse, dan is een toekomst als actuarieel professional een hele interessante optie voor jou!

Creatieve probleemoplossers

Actuariële professionals, grofweg te verdelen in actuarieel rekenaars, actuarieel analisten en actuarissen, zijn werkzaam in de financiële sector en dan met name bij pensioenfondsen, verzekeraars, toezichthouders en adviesbureaus. Ze houden zich met name bezig met het berekenen van risico’s en wat de consequenties van deze risico’s financieel inhouden. Wat zijn de gevolgen van het feit dat in Nederland een dubbele vergrijzing plaatsvindt? En, hoeveel extra voorziening moet een pensioenfonds aanhouden wanneer de levensverwachting weer toeneemt en hoe gaan we dat financieren wanneer de rente laag staat? Allemaal vraagstukken waar veel aan moet worden gerekend, maar waar ook juist het communicatieve aspect niet mag worden onderschat. Actuariële professionals zijn in essentie creatieve probleemoplossers.

Profi-leren in een veranderende omgeving

Het Actuarieel Instituut (AI) biedt de mogelijkheid om naast het werk te kunnen studeren, via modulair opgebouwd beroepsonderwijs en dat op allerlei niveaus. De diverse actuariële opleidingen zijn zodanig vormgegeven dat je kunt spreken van een doorlopende leerlijn. Met andere woorden, je kunt losse modules volgen, maar je kunt ook de gehele opleiding volgen om eventueel af te sluiten met de Executive Master of Actuarial Science (EMAS).

Vernieuwen is meebewegen met de omgeving

De behoefte aan actuarieel geschoolden zal naar verwachting de komende jaren hoog blijven. Dat de wereld verandert weten we en dat we daarop moeten inspelen is een gegeven. Voor het AI betekent verandering continu bezig zijn met aanpassing en vernieuwing van het onderwijs dat wij aanbieden. Vernieuwing is noodzakelijk omdat het werkveld van actuariële professionals continue verandert en moet je als professional bereidt zijn een leven lang te willen leren.

Ga voor meer informatie over de opleidingen van het AI naar de website van het AI ( of neem contact op met het AI, 030 – 6866150 of per e-mail,


ExxonMobil, about our company:
ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. We hold an industry-leading inventory of resources and are one of the world’s largest integrated refiners, marketers of petroleum products and chemical manufacturers.

We are always looking for Engineers who want to impact the way we deliver energy to the world by developing the energy solutions of tomorrow. Bring your expertise in problem-solving, modeling, process design, equipment and many other engineering disciplines to bear on some of the biggest challenges in the industry. Discover world-class career development through a range of assignments in one of the world’s leading technology and innovation companies. Collaborate on the energy solutions of tomorrow and lead projects that deliver solutions to global markets.


For more information visit



ExxonMobil Graduate Engineer NL