Recent news: N-Party cancelled

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Cocie science night
21st of September
23rd of September

Cocie science night

Tuesday, 21-09-2021 - 18:30


Thursday, 23-09-2021 - 16:00

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As every year, the Cocie organizes a scientific excursion for its members to an interesting institute or company in Europe. Due to the Corona Virus, it was not possible to organize such an excursion last year. However, the Cocie has come up with an amazing alternative. On Tuesday the 21st of September, the Cocie organizes the Cocie science night! During this once in a lifetime activity, two speakers from two of the biggest physics institutes in the world will give a talk. First, Jan Borburgh of CERN will give a talk about CERN and the experiments conducted there. The second talk is by Enrique Gaxiola from ITER and he will give a talk about ITER and the progress they made so far. This activity will be given in a hybrid form. This means that it is possible to watch these talks on campus or at home. This activity will start at 18:30 and it ends at 21:30. So if you want to learn more about what happens at CERN and ITER, then quickly subscribe for this activity!

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Peutz lunch lecture


N-Party cancelled

July 10th, 2021

Due to the current increase in infections and the corresponding measures of the government, we sadly have to cancel the N-party. Stay healthy!

Intro parents wanted!

June 3rd, 2021

The registration for intro-parents is open! This year the introduction week will take place from August 23 until August 27. No definite scenario has been chosen yet for the introduction week, but the Central Introduction Committee proposed three scenarios. Either a complete offline week where no 1.5-meter distance has to be held, an offline scenario where there are still corona measures, or an online introduction week. The university strives to have the most fun week possible, so if the corona measures at that time are not too strict, the offline scenarios will take place. However, we cannot promise this. Furthermore, you should also have time on August the 21st for the instruction day for intro parents. You have to subscribe together as a father and mother (gender is of no consequence). Interested? Subscribe here.

Almanac photoshoot

May 28th, 2021

The almanac committee of 2020-2021 wants to kindly invite you to one of our photoshoot sessions! 📸 Due to the current pandemic, we noticed that there are not a lot of photos. 🦠 That is why every member of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” is invited for the photoshoots. These shoots will take place on the stairs before Flux.
In order to keep everything coronaproof, there are some rules;

  • Beforehand claim a timeslot via the spreadsheet (see link)
  • The maximum group size is 4 people (excluding photographer)
  • Everyone will be positioned 1.5 meters apart ↔️
    It is, of course, possible to come by several times with different people. Feel free to bring some attributes to make the pictures even better! 🎩🥽
    We hope to see you all in the coming weeks!

Lustrum paper

May 9th, 2021

The lustrum is closing in and you can obviously not wait until all the lustrum activities start. To kill the time between now and the activities the General Lustrum Committee created the lustrum paper! Enjoy a small piece about ‘time’, check who organised your favourite lustrum activity, or complete one of the puzzles at the end. Especially the one created by Da Vinci Derivatives. Solve this puzzle correctly and perhaps you will win a beautiful Da Vinci Bluetooth speaker! The lustrum paper can be found as an attachment to this news post or printed in the Van der Waals room.

Subscriptions lustrum activities are open

May 3rd, 2021

The 12th lustrum of Van der Waals will be celebrated with a lot of fun activities from May 12 and May 28, of which the subscriptions are now open! The activities are both on campus and online! Activities range from a lustrum reunion to an online N-Party, so there will definitely be something that suits your interests!

We hope to see you there 🙂