UPDATE 15-01-2021: The book sale is open. Due to the lockdown the books cannot be send to Van der Waals, thus only the University module is open (link). Don’t forget to use the discount code when ordering.

About the booklist

The Book sale for Q3 is from January 8 up to January 24. In this period you can get a discount on your books trough the study association and university module. After this period you will only get your discount trough the univeristy module. You can use the code SVVDW2021 or the following QR code in their stores:

With the Study association module (link) the books will be delivered to Van der Waals and can be picked up there. (This is not possible for the books in Q3 due to the lockdown.)
If you want it to be delivered at home, the University module (link) is the way you should order!
(And use the discount code SVVDW2021)

Sometimes, minor errors occur in the booklist. If you find an error, please let us know via Known errors:

  • The book “An Introduction to the physics of nuclei and particles” by Richard A. Dunlap for subatomic physics will not be pressed anymore and thus cannot be bought. An alternative will be provided by the course. Thus more information will follow trough them.

Cooperation with Athenaeum

As of 2020-2021, we cooperate with Atheneaum Boekhandel to arrange your study books.

This means you can order your books

  • always from the official and confirmed list,
  • always the correct, most recent editions,
  • always with the highest discount (*).

(*) If you order via the association sales, you receive 10% discount on Dutch books and 15% on non-Dutch books. As member of Van der Waals you also receive 10% discount on all other non-Dutch books of Athenaeum, both online and in their shops. For Dutch books the Law on Fixed Book Prices is in effect. On purchase of two or more Dutch different study books, required by your institution, you receive 5% discount.

NB: Because of the corona virus, delivery times of several publishers are longer than usual. Order your books as soon as the list is available.

The list for Q2 will be available from October 26.

Use this link to buy your study books at Athenaeum

Use this link to buy (non-study) books at Athenaeum