The Almanac is the yearbook of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”. In the Almanac you can find an overview of everything that happened within the association during that year. In addition, all kinds of relations from the assocation have their say, such as research groups from the faculty of Applied Physics as well as brother and sister associations within and without Eindhoven. This is all supplemented with a year overview of all the worldnews, a poll between the members, a theme article and an interview and many other creative ideas by the committee!

Below are all the Almanacs that are available online

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Almanac 2014-2015 Back to the future
Almanac 2012-2013 In the picture
Almanac 2010-2011 Normaal
Almanac 2008-2009 Relatief
Almanac 2007-2008 Radicaal
Almanac 2006-2007 Zwaar
Almanac 2005-2006 Paradox