External contacts

Within the university, there are different parties students can go to.

Organizations that we are in contact with are stated below:


Cosmos aims to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for the international students at the TU/e. They are made up of student- and staff volunteers that want to help the ever-growing community at our university. In addition, they do the following main things:

  1. They strongly promote mutual integration of Dutch and international students in Eindhoven by celebrating culture on the TU/e campus
  2. They try to create a home-like environment in the Common Room, where (international) students can come to relax and socialize.
  3. They are also responsible for organizing the introduction day(s) for the new international students at the TU/e.
  4. They provide a voice for international students within the TU/e community on all issues related to student life on campus. More information can be found here.


Compass is the LGBTQ+ community of the TU/e. They are a fully inclusive association and they celebrate diversity. They organize multiple events and more information can be found here.


TINT is an organization that organizes events that have somethings to do with gaining new insights and life skills. Their events are for international and Dutch students and more information can be found here.