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Most valuable: Inge
Rate: 578
Least valuable: Mendy
Rate: 180


Market closed (2019-11-29 15:25)
Hey all, the the market is now closed.

The market was closed later than 13:00h. We'll try whether it is possible to revert the transactions after 13:00, but that is unsure yet.

You can expect the Borrelvoucher calculation next week.

Don't forget to visit the Sinterwaals Celebration!

Last hint (2019-11-28 14:34)
And here is the third hint:

Good luck!

NB: the market closes at 13:00h tomorrow, Friday 29th!

Hint 2 (2019-11-26 22:30)
And here is the second hint:

Good luck!

P.S. the third and final hint will appear on Thursday 27-11

What does Sinterwaals think? (2019-11-24 10:26)
We asked al Sinterwaalsen the following question: "This year Sint Nicolaas arrived in Apeldoorn with his Steam Train rather than his Steam Boat. How do you expect to travel as Sinterwaals this year?"

This is how they responded:

  • Sanne: With the cargo bike (b(r)akfiets) in the elevator.

  • Sammie: Quantum tunneling, I have fate in our new generation of physicists

  • Stan: With the "Leg-wagon"

  • Stef: Steam powered Flux- elevators

  • Inge: Hagrids' flying motorcycle

  • Mendy: Equilibrium with an electric motor so you can go faster, and Sinterwaals will leave Flux via a slide from the roof terrace.

  • Bart: Since Sinterwaals loves some alcohol and 'gezelligheid', he will arrive by beer bike, together with all his Piets of all colors

  • Mathieu: I’d like to travel by particle accelerator. This will be the fastest and most convenient way of transport. It also helps me deliver all the packages on the 2nd of December to all the (naughty) physics students without much delay. For this to work we do however have to neglect drag resistance, I hope some smart physics student can help me do this.

  • Britt: Actually, I was hoping it’s possible to combine the annual activity “matten met de ME” with the arrival of me and my *insert prefix of preference* companions, two flies in one clap.

First hint (2019-11-22 14:42)
Dear participants, the first hint is here:

Good luck!

P.S.: we have also released some bugfixes on the trading page.

Welcome (2019-11-14 17:31)
Welcome to the Sinterwaals Exchange 2019! The SExCie is currently busy with arranging the last things. Next week, all sints will have received their 'mijter' and we will put them online!

The market will be opened during the Opening lunch on Friday 22 November. See you there!

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