Privacy policy

SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” Privacy policy effective 14th of November 2016 

We respect your privacy and only process your personal data only for the reason you provided them. This privacy policy seeks to clarify what personal data is collected and for which reason.

  1. Basic information

Name association: SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” (Study Association for Applied Physics “Johannes Diderik van der Waals”)


Chamber of Commerce registration number: 40235311

  1. Email address

Your E-mail address is used to inform you of news important to all members of the association. Besides this you can choose to receive emails regarding career orientation, recreational activities and study related activities. These preferences can always be changed through the website or the board of the association. Finally the association (represented by the board) can use your email address if it needs to contact you. Your email address can always be changed through the website or through the board.

  1. Study and holiday address

Your study and holiday address can be used to send association news or cards. Both addresses can always be changed through the website or through the board.

  1. Phone number

The association (represented by the board) can use your phone number if it needs to contact you. When becoming a member of the association you can choose to show your phone number to other members of the association. This preference can at any time be changed through the website. Your phone number can always be changed through the website and through the board.

  1. Bank account

When becoming member of the association, you can give us your bank account number and the place where you opened your bank account. This data will only be used for payment of the annual contribution to the association through a preauthorised debit. To change these details you can contact the board of the association.

  1. Starting year

The year you first become member of the association is saved in our systems as starting year. This information is solely used to send information to a specific selection of Van der Waals members if the board deems this necessary or preferable. If this information is not correct or if you receive information which is not applicable to you, you can contact the board of the association.

  1. RFID-code

Your Van-der-Waalscard, a TU/e campuscard or any similar cards can be registered at the association at any time by providing the RFID-code. This can be used by the association to easily access personal information, if you accept to share this personal information, by handing of the card. This information will mainly be accessed for administrative tasks, for registration at activities and the payment system of the Borrel (see also article 8).

  1. Borrel card payment system

On the card payment system of the association Borrel, the card payment system terms and conditions are applicable. By using the Borrel (card)payment system you automatically accept de registration of all your transactions (recharges and payments). This transaction data can only be used in public in anonymised form for, among other things, displaying statistics. In addition to this the user always has access to its own transactions and statistics through the website or the board of the association.

  1. Pictures

When joining the association a picture of you is taken: this picture is visible for all members of the association. During association activities pictures will be taken of all persons present, of which a selection is published in the photo album on the website or will be used for promotional purposes. A selection of the pictures is publicly available on the website (without login requirements), another part is visible for members only. By attending an activity you agree to the possible placement of pictures(s) with you in it. In the case you object to this, you can notify the association of your objection. In case (one of) the pictures on the website isn’t to your liking, these can on request be removed from the website by the board of the association.

  1. Other personal data

Other personal data are only used by us if the association (whether or not represented by the board) needs them to carry out its tasks, which may or may not have come forth out of an agreement or arrangement between you and the association.

  1. Sharing of personal data

Your data will not be shared with third parties without your explicit written permission.

  1. Changes in the this privacy policy

The association remains the right to change this privacy policy at any time; these changes will be published here and announced per email (for example through the weekly newsletter). The new privacy statement will automatically be put into force one month after the announcement of the changes: without any further notice from your side you will automatically consent. In case you have objections to the changes, you have to contact the board of the association within a month. If there are no objections within this month the new privacy policy will automatically become official.

  1. Contact

If you feel the need to react to this privacy policy, you can contact:

Postal address:

SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”

Flux 6.179

Post office box 513

5600 MB Eindhoven

Visiting address:

Eindhoven University of Technology

Groene Loper 19, Flux 6.179

De Zaale

5612 AJ Eindhoven

Phone number: +31 (0)40 247 4379

Email address: