Conditions card payment system

Set up in Eindhoven, 18 th of June 2015
Approved by the board in Eindhoven, 22 nd of June 2015
Translated by Rein Albers, 2 nd of January 2020
Translated document approved by the board in Eindhoven, 24-04-2020

1. Definitions

1.1. SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”

Studievereniging Voor Technische Natuurkunde “Johannes Diderik van der Waals”.

1.2. Member

A person who is a member of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.

1.3. Former-member

A person who has been a member of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.

1.4. Co-worker

A person who is working at the department of Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology or who has a guest status.

1.5. Board

The board of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.

1.6. External

A person who has been allowed by the board to take part in the card payment system.

1.7. Website

The website of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”, reachable on

1.8. Borrel room

The room with the bar of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”, which can be found at Flux 6.175. Which is also known as: de ‘Salon’.

1.9. Borrel committee

The Borrel committee of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.

1.10. Borreltender

A member of the Borrel committee.1.11. Borreltender on duty A Borreltender who has been assigned by the Borrel committee as responsible for the workload when the bar is opened.

1.12. User

A person who has agreed with the terms and conditions and uses the card payment system.

1.13. Card

A card compatible with the used machinery and that contains at least a name and a recognizable picture of the owner of the card.

1.14. Van der Waals card

A card which has been provided by SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” to a member, former- member or co-worker.

1.15. Campus card

A card provided by the Eindhoven University of Technology to every student and co-worker.

1.16. Registered card

A card which has been registered by the board for a user. This card also provides a form of identification to this user, in the form of a picture of the user.

1.17. Van der Waals room

The room where the board is working during opening hours.

2. Conditions

2.1. Right of usage

All members, former-members, co-workers and externals have the right after agreeing on these conditions, to make use of the card payment system. The board and the Borrel committee have the right, with the stating of (a) reason(s), to exclude people from the usage of the card payment system.

2.2. Usage

The card payment system can be used to pay for products, which can be bought when the bar in the Borrel room is open. The user must give a registered card to a Borreltender on duty, when the user wishes to pay with the card payment system. The transaction can be completed when the credit on the card is not less than The total price of the products that the user wants to buy. When this is not the case, the user should increase his/her card credit.2.3. Card registration A card can be registered by the board in the Van der Waals room. At any moment, a user may have three registered cards, which are: a Van der Waals card and/or a campus card and/or a random other card with an NFC connection.

2.4. Credit

The credit of a user can be requested:

  • On the website, after logging in to your personal account (only for members);
  • In the Borrelapp, after logging in to your personal account (only for members);
  • At a Borreltender on duty.

The credit is the sum of all credit deposits minus the sum of all payments and this amount can never add up to something negative. When a user suspects something is not right, the user can ask the treasurer of the Borrel committee for clarification.

2.5. Credit deposits

The credit of a user can be increased by handing a by him registered card over to a Borreltender on duty, together with telling the desired amount the user wants to deposit. Card deposits are allowed for amounts in multiples of €5,-, with a maximum of €50,-. When it happens that a card credit exceeds €60,- after depositing, the Borreltender on duty has the right to refuse the deposit. When using the pin device, also amounts in multiples of €5,- are possible. By using the pin device, one agrees to pay the transaction costs of €0.10 per transaction.

2.6. Restitution

It is not possible to restitute the card credit.

2.7. Validity card credit

When a user does not have a transaction during two years, the card credit will expire. Users will be notified at least one month before this period has elapsed, at the e-mail address which is known at SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.

2.8. Liability

SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” is not responsible for damage caused by the usage of the card payment system, or the loss of the card credit due to technical flaws.

2.9. Complaints

When a user has a complaint, this complaint has to be submitted written on paper at the board. This complaint has to be discussed within four weeks after reception. If the user does not agree with the outcome, the user may, within eight weeks after reception of thecomplaint, submit the complaint to a disputes committee. This disputes committee will consist of a Borreltender, a member of the board and a random person that both the user and the board member have agreed on who is impartial. The decision of the disputes committee is binding.

2.10. Availability card payment system

The board and the Borrel committee have the right to not allow the usage of the card payment system for a certain time.

3. Privacy

3.1. Privacy statement

The privacy statement of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”, as can be asked for at the board and can be found on the website, also holds for the card payment system.

4. Other provisions

4.1. Adjustment conditions

These general conditions can be changed at any moment. The user has to be informed within one month, before an adjustment will be carried out, on the at Van der Waals known e-mail address.

4.2. Cases not covered by these conditions

In any case when these conditions do not suffice, the board decides. When a user disagrees with the decision that is made, the user can hand in a complaint via the above mentioned method.