Every year, numerous activities take place throughout the year. Naturally these activities don’t appear out of thin air. The board is supported by many committees. Down below you can find an overview of all of the committees.


This committee is tasked with organizing the 24-hourproject. Logically speaking, this activity will last for 24 hours. The participants will work, often together with students from other faculty groups, on a case. The task of organizing this is handed to this committee.

General Activities committee

The general activities committee is tasked with organizing yearly recurring activities. For example the dropping, bowling tournament and of course the unforgettable N-parties. Besides this there are numerous other new and original activities.


More often than not, an almanac is brought out which covers the previous year. It consist of fun bits and pieces written by disputes, activities, committees, sister associations and many more. The committee operates year round to make sure that this all cumulates in a nice whole.


One of the largest and most challenging committees of Van der Waals, is the BuEx committee. This committee is tasked with organizing the yearly study-trip (BuEx). The committee is tasked with every aspect of this trip, this includes; getting the tickets, organizing scientific and cultural activities, organizing the stay, sponsoring and many more.


The Cocie, the career orientation committee, organizes numerous career related activities every year. In this way, there are a lot of activities throughout the year, among which the first years excursion. Not only that, but there are numerous readings, often in combination with a Borrel or a lunch.


This committee consists of first year students. They organize about two or three activities and only first years are allowed. For example activities in the past included; film/comedy night, scavenger hunt, paintballing, barbeque and a pool tournament.


Those who were there know exactly what this committee is tasked with organizing. The first years camp is a succession to the intro, every first year student Applied Physics is applicable to join. During this super sociable weekend a lot of awesome activities are planned, a dropping, games in the forest, campfire and finally swimming!


The intro is the first extensive contact all new students have with not only Van der Waals but the entire University. To make sure this week will be unforgettable and that individuals become friends, an intro committee is necessary. This committee will organize the program on Monday, Tuesday morning, and Friday. And naturally they arrange the t-shirts and many more.


Every year a book is made with little bits and pieces about the first years; the yearbook (before ‘smoelenboek’). The committee can add little extras like picture pages or quotes. The committee is tasked with to have everything accumulate into a pretty and interesting whole. This way everybody can look who they studied with the first year.

Kas Controle Commissie

The Financial Auditing Committee AKA KCC is responsible for the difficult task of keeping an eye on the treasurer and the Borreltreasurer. Also known as checking. The KCC does this for the GMM (the General Members Meeting – so actually all members of the association). The KCC is thus a committee that gives its accountability to the GMM and is not a board committee.

Kleine BuExcommissie

The little brother of the BuEx (Foreign Excursion) lasts for 5 days. Tasked to make this excursion an unforgettable journey, the committee will organize this trip filled with culture, science and recreation.


The Hitchhiking trip (LiXi) first took place in 2009. The LiXi is an activity where the participants will lift through Europe in pairs of two. Some activities will be done at the final destination. The first time the LiXi went to Paris.


TheN!-redaction has (how obvious) the task to assemble the N!. This entails picking subjects, collecting the copies, arranging advertisements, throwing everything together and delivering the entirety to the presser and once done distributing it for everybody to read.


The parent day committee organizes the yearly parent day. On this day, the parents of first years are invited to come and see what exactly their son or daughter is studying. In the morning an example lecture is given together with a speech given by the study adviser. After this the Physics circus and a lunch are set. In the afternoon a tour of the campus is given including a visit of a OGO project. To wrap-up the day there is a Borrel in the ‘Salon’.


The pc- and web committee, in a nutshell, Pebcie engages with everything related with computers in the Van-der-Waals room and the Van-der-Waals website. This also includes taking care of the electronics of the association.


Ieder jaar wordt er een boekje gemaakt met een stukje over alle eerstejaars erin: het smoelenboek. Aan de commissie de taak hier een interessant en mooi boekje van te maken.


Since 2015, Van der Waals has a Sportcie. This committee run by first years will organize sporty activities for all members of Van der Waals.


The annual symposium of Van der Waals is a great success. The day consists of a couple of readings in the morning and a choice between a couple of workshops in the afternoon. This study focused activity is not only very informative but also a lot of fun.


This committee consists of great people that build and maintain the digital presence of Van der Waals.


The committee Wervingsdagen is a part of the foundation Wervingsdagen, a joint foundation of the study associations at the TU/e. The committee is formed out of all of the members of these associations. The committee organizes three major activities: the skills sessions, the career expo and the interviewing days. During these days, there will be readings, workshops and companies will get the chance to present themselves to student via booths or presentations.


Over ten years ago, a weekend was organized code-named ‘WiXi’. Because of the great success a weekend was organized in October of 2004 and 2006, both were really awesome! A tradition was born and now every year a weekend is planned and according to tradition it will remain a secret what will happen.


A complete winter sport vacation is organized for members since 2014, all done by this committee.