Wervingsdagen is a collaboration of the study associations at the TU/e. The foundation consists out of a board, a supervisory body, an advisory council and a financial audit committee. The supervisory board consists out of one board member per participating study association. The board of Wervingsdagen is also from members of the different participating associations. The foundation strives to have every association represented in this board, which is however not always possible. The Wervingsdagen organizes three big career activities. The first event is the Skill Sessions, where it is possible to follow all kinds of workshops for a week. Students do not have to pay for those workshops and therefore it is an easy way to improve some skills. The second activity is the biggest, the Career Expo. For two days there is a career market where many different companies are represented. With approximately 160 companies this is the largest career technical career events in the Netherlands.  The last event is the Interviewing Days, where it is possible to have one-to-one conversations with companies or to join a dinner or lunch with a small group of studetns and a company. More information can be found hier


Dit collegejaar zit er vanuit TN in de commissie:



Jan IJzermanVoorzitter

Dit collegejaar zit er vanuit TN in de commissie:

Theo van den BergSecretaris & commissaris Public Relations

Dit collegejaar hebben drie leden van Van der Waals een taak in de commissie Wervingsdagen op zich genomen.

Gert-Jan BothSecretaris & Commissaris Externe Betrekkingen
Peet GoedendorpDagcommissaris
Ester van EekelenCommissaris Public Relations

Vanuit TN zitten er dit jaar in de commissie:

Gijs van PamelenVoorzitter
Kenneth PoissonnierDagcommissaris