Fluxtrum Crazy 88

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The Flux building turns 5 this year! That means a 'Fluxtrum' will be celebrated. The Fluxtrum consists of three parts:

- The fluxtrum will open at 4 Februari with a free lunch at floor zero;
- Between opening and closing a Crazy88 is organised. You can subscribe here;
- The Fluxtrum will close at 13 Februari with an extended (B/b)orrel in Het Walhalla en de 'Salon'. The (B/b)orrel lasts untill 22:00h! A foodtruck with French fries will come to Flux that evening (cash only).

All activities are open to all EE and AP students and staff!


Below you can subscribe for the Crazy 88. Please specify your team name. For members of Thor, you can subscribe here.

4 februari 2020 12:30   tot   13 februari 2020 16:00