LaTeX beginners + advanced training

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LaTeX is a piece of software that is very commonly used to typeset scientific documents or reports. But you can also use it to create other documents, such as a Curriculum Vitae.

This training is splitted in a beginners part and an advanced part. The distribution of the topics can be found below:

Beginners part (09:00 - 10:30)

  • Basic formatting
  • Abstracts / table of contents / appendices
  • Figures
  • Equations
  • Tables
  • Referencing

Advanced part (11:00 - 13:30)

  • Float placement
  • Bibliography
  • File management for large projects
  • Custom commands
  • Custom packages / documentclasses
  • Advanced formatting

You can either join 1 of the parts, or both. The participation fee is 1 euro (also if you join both parts).

15 januari 2020 09:00   tot   13:30