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Have you always dreamed of making a triple backflip off of a 10 meter high diving board? This is your chance! The last Sports committee activity of Sportcie “Using Volt” is coming up, and we are going to do Olympic diving! On the 15th of October, Monday afternoon from 14:30 to 16:00, you can participate in a clinic Olympic diving at the Tongelreep. The costs for this activity are €5. Please keep in mind that a lot of diving will be going on, so please take swimming clothes with you that stay put, like a bathing suit. Besides this, please bring a sport shorts and/or a t-shirt to wear during the dry exercises. We will gather at 14:15 in front of the Tongelreep. For people who are already at the university, we will gather a group in front of Flux at 13:55 to cycle to the Tongelreep together. Register fast, because there is a limited amount of places!

15 oktober 2018 14:15   tot   17:00
Antoon Coolenlaan 1
Eindhoven, 5644 RX