Panel discussion on Career in Photonics

Any thoughts on what your future career might look like? What about a path in industry, academia or entrepreneurship? We hear you, this is difficult and might (not) be on the top of your agenda today. But I think we all know it is important. Therefore, with the Photonics Society Eindhoven, we want to launch the discussion with a strong panel of speakers having gained experience in these areas. Come and join the process of looking forward to your optimal career path.

Our panel discussion leaders include:

  • Kaylee Hakkel – Operations Director at MantiSpectra
  • Aura Higuera – Product Manager at Signify
  • Alexander Jantzen – Co-founder and COO at Aquark Technologies (United Kingdom)
  • Klaas-Jan Tielrooij – Associate Professor

Friday 31st of March, 15:30-17:30 in Atlas -1.715.

Drinks & Snacks at Hubble afterwards!

Register using this link

On of our sister physics associations, ‘De Leidsche Flesch’ from Leiden, is celebrating their 100 year existance with a lustrum symposium. The symposium will have a mathematics track and a physics track. The theme of the symposium is ‘Captivated by Time: How Time Affects All Sciences’.

Some speakers that will be there include astronomer Vincent Icke, professor of Music Cognition Henkjan Honing, and even dr. James Grime, who is famous from the YouTube channel Numberphile. The symposium is free, and it will take place on February 15th 2023 at Scheltema Leiden. The lectures will be between 10:00 and 17:00, and afterwards there will be an optional drink and dinner at the bar of ‘De Leidsche Flesch’.

You can subscribe through this link. More information about the symposium can be found on their Instagram account @symposium_dlf or on their website.

Are you a student that wants to make a positive impact on the lives of people with dementia?  

The Warm Technology Challenge invites students to submit their idea, prototype or vision by February 17, 2023, giving the chance to win a cash prize and unique network opportunities! 

More info can be found at:     

On the 21st of December, the last day of the WinTU/er Market❄️ a workgroup from the FSE is organising a Winter Activity! This year, the Winter Activity workgroup is organising the FSilEnt Disco!

In Atlas we will have a silent disco with a DJ and you also get to vote on songs🎶 you want to hear🔊!
You can already get your free ticket 🎟️ via this link:

When you buy a ticket you are assured of a headphone if you will be there before 17.30! We will also serve some beers🍺, soda’s, glühwein and chocolate milk🍫😋. There will also be a photobooth📷😄 next to the Silent Disco, so feel free to take some nice pictures with your friends!

We hope to see a lot of you there❤️💙

Today and tomorrow are the elections for the University Council of 2023! We encourage everyone to vote, because with more votes the University Council gets more power and can achieve more for all students of the TU/e. You can vote via this link:

The Study Tour Abroad is heading to South Korea this year. The subscriptions are open from the 29th of November until the 13th of December. After that it will be first come first serve until the 16th of December. You can find the presentation and participation documents in this news post!

We are trying to do everything digitally at Van der Waals this year. This includes contracts. You should be able to fill in your information to the PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat Fill & Sign. You can fill in the information and circle the correct answers using it.

You can mail the filled in forms or any questions to or


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The long-awaited moment is finally here you can now order your Van der Waals merch!!!
You can either order sweatpants or shot glasses or both. 
The price of the sweatpants will be around €43.00 (man and woman sizes) (when the minimum amount of 25 orders is not reached you do not have to pay, because they will not be ordered)
The price of the shot glasses will range between €5 – €3,5 

You can order until : 13 December 

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Student team CORE is in need of Applied Physics students to help engineer three of their projects: Temnos, Titan and Helios.

Temnos is a sorting system that uses X-ray and AI technology to detect batteries within E-waste and sort them in two streams, battery/non-battery containing products.

Titan is an E-waste shredder that shreds devices in such a way that battery fires are safely avoided.

Helios is a project which has the recycling and reusing of solar panels as the ultimate goal.

If you want to know more, take a look at their website:, Instagram:, LinkedIn:

Looking for an internship to launch your career in 2023? Internships in the Valley coaches talented Masters and PhD students to find an internship at innovative startups and companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Are you interested? We are looking for students that are:

  • Innovative thinkers with a proactive mentality
  • Currently enrolled as a Masters or PhD student at a Dutch research university, or graduated less than a year ago

Apply now! Applications are open until 15 Dec 2022, so be sure to not miss out on this opportunity. Check out the website for more information and be sure to follow their socials, for regular updates!

Information sessions:

The TU Eindhoven team of iGEM is looking for new members for the 2023 team. Every year, an iGEM Eindhoven student team participates in the International Genetic Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition. The iGEM competition was organized for the first time in 2003 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The aim was to encourage students to try to solve real-world problems using genetically engineered organisms.

In Eindhoven, each year a new student team starts with their own research project. With support from the academic staff of the Institute of Complex Molecular Systems, the Eindhoven teams have accomplished interesting results and even won prizes for Best New Application and Best Innovation in Measurement.

iGEM particularly wants to also recruit students that have no background in the biomedical engineering / synthetic biology field to create a diverse and strong team. Are you interested? Make sure to send a mail to