The Study Tour Abroad is looking for committee members!

Organizing the Study Tour Abroad (BuEx) gives you the opportunity to develop different skills. Whether you want to learn how to keep track of finances or if you want to learn how to contact businesses, the BuEx is the committee to do this! This trip has a good balance of culture, science and free-time to explore the beautiful (still undecided) destination. If you have any questions or if you are interested, you can contact me at

From 10-14 July, the Quantum Gravity conference will take place in Nijmegen! Here, professors and doctors from all over the world will come together to talk and learn about Quantum Gravity. In this field, people try to describe gravity according to the principles of quantum mechanics with the aim of better understanding situations in which both gravity and quantum effects play a significant role, think black holes and neutron stars.

Two lectures have been specially tailored for students. On Tuesday July 11th, from 12:30 to 13:30 in HG00.304, professors from Japan en Germany will give a lecture for bachelor level students. On Wednesday July 12th, 12:30 to 13:30 in HG00.307, professors from Spain and Canada will give a lecture for master level physics students. You are welcome to attend both talks, regardless of your education level. There will also be ice cream, smoothies and snacks provided! For more information, see:

We’re excited to announce that for the upcoming Borrellustrum (13-17 November), we will once again be offering a pre-order option for our socks. By ordering now, you can ensure that they will be ready in time for the lustrum. These fantastic socks are available at an unbeatable price of only 7 euros per pair!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your hands (or feet) on these amazing socks. Place your order today to secure your pair for the Borrellustrum.

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Thursday June 8th, 2023, the annual ProZAc pubcrawl will be held on the TU/e campus!🥳 As always, you will get to visit 4 pubs of different study associations and you will be provided the possibility to enjoy 2 drinks in each pub.🍻 The pubcrawl will start at 16.00 and will end at 20.00. Afterwards you will be granted access to festival Plugged where you will also get a free drink!

You can register via the link below in teams of 2 to 10 persons with whom you will visit the same pubs. Registration deadline is May 25th 2023! Please note: each team member has to register separately. See you on June 8th!

💚 The Prozac
Activitity committee of SvBMT Protagoras

The Federation of Study Associations Eindhoven is looking for board members! FSE is the umbrella association of the study associations in Eindhoven, including Van der Waals. The FSE is in contact with the study associations and is concerned with topics such as the campus bars, student wellbeing, career orientation and education. The FSE also helps organising events such as MomenTUm and the Introduction week.

Interested in topics like these? Maybe a part-time board year at FSE is something for you! For more information, be sure to send an email to or walk by their office in Luna 1.244.

During the lunchbreak of Monday May 8, Noora Partamies will give a Studium Generale lecture on the Northern Lights in the Blue Hall in Auditorium. Noora explains how the Northern Lights occur, what they are, what their effects are, and why they are important to study. The atmospheres of the polar regions are constantly bombarded by energetic electrons, which cause the aurora borealis, and sometimes by more energetic protons from solar eruptions. Behind the scenes, these particles have much longer-lasting effects than just the emission of light. We think that this SG lecture could fit the interest of Physics students well! You can subscribe via the website of Studium Generale.

On the 10th of June, the first Eindhoven Pride Walk will take place. The Eindhoven Pride Walk aims to celebrate the diversity, inclusivity, and unity of our community, as well as to raise awareness about LGBTQIA+ rights and issues. The Pride Walk is being primarily organized by the Eindhoven-based organization Queer040, with contributions from all the LGBTQIA+ organizations around the city. As an association, we are invited to participate in the walk as a group or as individuals. Via this form, you can indicate if you want to join this event with Van der Waals. Please do so May 15. If there is enough interest, we can join as a group!

One of our sister associations, s.v. Marie Curie from Nijmegen, is organising a festival to celebrate their lustrum! Members of Van der Waals are also invited to join their lustrum festival, which includes multiple bands and dj’s, karaoke, beerpong as well as tours around the university. The festival will take place in the Huygens building located on the Nijmegen campus. The festival will take place on Friday the 14th of April from 17.00 to midnight. If this sounds like a fun way to spend your friday evening, you can sign up to join dinner via their website:

Are you working on a sustainable student project as part of your studies, BEP, Master Project, or part of a sustainable Student Team? Are you available from June 20 until June 24? Do you want a free multi-day trip to Copenhagen and meet up and learn from international students? If yes, be sure to participate in Green Challenge 2023! This means you could showcase your project at the Green Challenge in Copenhagen (DTU)

Green Challenge is DTU’s annual student conference to promote and increase focus on sustainability. Here, students can present their green projects to fellow students, professors, alumni, industry professionals, and politicians. More information on the Green Challenge can be found here:

Any thoughts on what your future career might look like? What about a path in industry, academia or entrepreneurship? We hear you, this is difficult and might (not) be on the top of your agenda today. But I think we all know it is important. Therefore, with the Photonics Society Eindhoven, we want to launch the discussion with a strong panel of speakers having gained experience in these areas. Come and join the process of looking forward to your optimal career path.

Our panel discussion leaders include:

  • Kaylee Hakkel – Operations Director at MantiSpectra
  • Aura Higuera – Product Manager at Signify
  • Alexander Jantzen – Co-founder and COO at Aquark Technologies (United Kingdom)
  • Klaas-Jan Tielrooij – Associate Professor

Friday 31st of March, 15:30-17:30 in Atlas -1.715.

Drinks & Snacks at Hubble afterwards!

Register using this link