The Top 2000 is now LIVE!

The Top 2000 is now streaming. This morning we started with song number 588 (Link 2 3 4 – Rammstein) and the grand final will be this friday just before 17:00 with the one and only number one Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

The complete list + stream: HERE
The stream on Twitch: HERE
The Spotify playlist: HERE

UPDATE (12-12-2020): The list has been revealed. From tomorrow onward you can listen to it on the stream on the site!

UPDATE: The voting is closed, thank you all for voting. Keep waiting to see the results!

Follow the link and fill in your favourite songs! In the week before the holidays, Van der Waals will host her own Top2000. We will play a list of songs during the whole week from 9:00-17:00 in the Van der Waals room. And here comes the best part, you can also listen to it at home following a stream on the Van der Waals website! To put together the Van der Waals Top2000 list, we will need to know your song preferences. So fill in the above form! Please use songs that are on Spotify, as we are gonna use it to make a list.

Last GA, there was a motion which asked that we as a board ‘Pulse, a burst of energy’ should make a playlist out of the EDDY bear. Well, here it is! Enjoy, do not skip any song and on max volume of course!