ProZAc pub crawl

Have you always wondered what the pubs of other study associations look like? Join the ProZAc pub crawl on Thursday the 6th of June!!🥳🍻This is your chance to register with your friends, fellow students, committee, etc.! During the pub crawl you will visit 4 pubs of different study associations with your group of 2-10 people. You can get two drinks (beer or soda) per pub, so 8 drinks for 8 euros!🤑 And we will all end the pub crawl together at PLUGGED!🎉
Hope to see you all
At the ProZAc pub crawl!!💚💚
Click here to register:

Although it seems far away, the intro is already approaching, we are looking forward to the intro, just take a look at the intro video!!! New this year is the intro parents for master students, where you will show new master students around. This is almost the same program with the campus market, city tour, (N-)parties and doorhaaldonderdag, but there is way less responsibility. So if you want the same fun, join as a master intro parent! Subscriptions will run until June 18th 23:59. You can fill out the form via the link and select Van der Waals.

Japie, the study association of chemical engineering and chemistry, is proud to present her very own symposium centered around the theme of ‘Circularity: The New Shape of Chemistry’.

The symposium, covering a broad range of topics, will explore the intersection of physics and chemistry in circularity, uncovering cutting-edge innovations and real-world applications driving sustainability. Engage with expert speakers, network with industry leaders, and immerse yourself in dynamic discussions. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to explore the forefront of circular innovation, expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded peers. The speaker list presents a near equal split between academia and industry, including Dow, BASF SE, Dr. Katrien Bernaerts (Maastricht University), Chemelot Circular Hub, Dr. Süleyman Er (DIFFER), Shell, Dr. Fabian Eisenreich(TU/e), and Water Energy Solutions.

Students and professionals from a variety of backgrounds alike are encouraged to join us on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, for a day filled with inspiring talks from leading experts and ample networking opportunities. In addition, the event has received the USE/ITEC label, meaning student participants may receive a USE/ITEC point by attending the symposium!

You can subscribe yourself until the 13th of May via the following link:

You can also take a look on the website for the most recent updates