Vote today and tomorrow on the University Council!

Today and tomorrow are the elections for the University Council of 2023! We encourage everyone to vote, because with more votes the University Council gets more power and can achieve more for all students of the TU/e. You can vote via this link:

Looking for an internship to launch your career in 2023? Internships in the Valley coaches talented Masters and PhD students to find an internship at innovative startups and companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Are you interested? We are looking for students that are:

  • Innovative thinkers with a proactive mentality
  • Currently enrolled as a Masters or PhD student at a Dutch research university, or graduated less than a year ago

Apply now! Applications are open until 15 Dec 2022, so be sure to not miss out on this opportunity. Check out the website for more information and be sure to follow their socials, for regular updates!

Information sessions:

Oma’s Soep (Granny’s soup) is a social project that is working to decrease loneliness among the elderly. We have unique evenings when our young and old participants cook soup together, as well as young volunteers that bring soup and ‘gezelligheid’ to elderly people. We have already had a very successful year of being active in Eindhoven and decreasing loneliness among the elderly one step at a time. To keep up the good work this year, we are looking for new volunteers! 

Are you interested in joining us? Or do you want to learn more about Oma’s soep, take a look at our Instagram page ( or website (!

Hi, my name is Martje Wijnen and I am a student at the TU/e. Together with a friend I am organizing Rocking Up Xmas Eindhoven. This is a national organization that delivers Christmas boxes to families that are dependent on the help of the food bank (de voedselbank). This box is filled with a 3-course dinner and some presents. To be able to surprise these families, we need your help! You can help by volunteering during our packing day on December 23rd, or by donating to the charity at We are already happy with a donation of €1, because “alle kleine beetjes helpen”! Also don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any contacts that might be of help for us. You can contact us at For more information you can visit our website: Cheers!