On Thursday the 19th of September, the board organises a constitutionlunch! You can congratulate the new board, 'Apollo', shoot for the moon, and enjoy a lunch that is entirely free. The lunch will be served in the colloquiumroom at the sixth floor. There is no need to subscribe. We hope to see you see there!

Cleaning up

On the 10th of September, the board "Apollo", shoot for the moon, was installed during the Transfer GA. Our first task on the next day: cleaning up! Have you ever seen the Van der Waalsroom so empty? Hopefully, it will soon be filled again with desks and sofas and tea and stuff. In the mean time, all members al still very welcome to come by and have a chat with us!

We would like to thank 'Vortex', een wervelend fenomeen for all the work they have done for Van der Waals and for us to prepare. And we also thank them (a bit) for the ridiculously excessive amount of trash the have managed to grow in the Van der Waals room.

Holiday Break

The board of Van der Waals wishes everyone a very nice summer break and hopes to see everyone back again during the intro week or the start of the next academic year! Of course, all members can always join on the weekly Thursday Borrels from 16:00 to 19:00, which will go on in the summer break. There is one exception: the Borrel on Thursday 18 July will be moved to Friday 19 July! Also, if you have questions for the board you want to ask in person, we are available at certain timeslots in the break. These are:

Study affairs 2019/2020

Next year, the 61st Candidate Board wants to extend the availability of trainings and courses for Van der Waals. Think of the LaTeX-training for example. We want to know: in what trainings / courses would you be interested? Do you have any ideas or remarks, please send a mail to Your input will be greatly appreciated!

Borrel on Wednesday

Next Wednesday, instead of Thursday, the weekly Van der Waals Borrel will take place! Keep this in mind if you want to have drink in de ‘Salon’ this week.


Coming Monday (29-04) the website will be out of order for a couple of hours due to maintaince work on the server.