Cancellation offline activities

Most of you already read the new measurement given by the Dutch government. These, of course, also apply to our association. We got word from our faculty with a set of regulations to which we need to adhere to, to create a save environment for everyone.

There are two important updates: the first one is that we are no longer allowed to organise offline activities. This means that all the activities on and around the campus will be cancelled for at least the upcoming 4 weeks (until 13/11/2020). But this does not mean that SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” will stop organising activities! The committees and the board will try to create many interesting and engaging online activities for everyone. Suggestions for creative ‘online activities/contactless activities’ will always be welcome and can be sent to . The second update is that we are luckily allowed to keep the Van der Waals room open for members! This means that you are still allowed to come by when studying on the campus to grab a cup of coffee, have a small chat, or just relax for some time.

The board is currently also updating the Van der Waals Discord server which you can join via this link. This discord is made for all our members and has different voice and text channels which will be updated regularly. You can have a chat, play some games, or join in one of the voice channels to create e.g. a study group!