Intro parents (still wanted)

The registration for intro-parents is open! Of course this intro week will be a bit different from previous years due to corona, but you are still needed! The intro week will be from August 17 till the 21st. The week consists of 2 offline days and 3 online days (on the last online day, presence of the intro parents is not required). It is compulsory for the intro-parents to attend a meeting on the 15th of August. You have to subscribe together as a father and mother (gender is of no consequence). Although there were some rumors about one of the intro-parents being a student mentor as well, this is no longer required. You can subscribe here!

Update: we have decided that whether or not you are a parent in the intro of 2020, will not be taken into account when drawing lots for the intro’s of the coming years after 2020.

Update: if you cannot attend the intro parent instruction day on August 15, this is accepted provided the other parent will attend.