Beer packages

*Update: The beer packages have been sold out*

Since de ‘Salon’ is closed right now, some beers will lose its quality before September first. If you want to support de ‘Salon’ you can buy a beer package, to still enjoy your Thursday afternoons in de ‘Sal(online)’. If you want to buy one, please contact the Borrel Treasurer (Rein Albers) via a personal message and I, the Borrel Treasurer, will send you the address (in Eindhoven) where you can pick up the beer package. Also, a time slot will be given somewhere in the afternoon/evening next week Tuesday (05-05-2020), so to prevent a lot of people in the same place. These packages consist out of 8 different beers and will cost around 10 euros (These prices may differ due to different beers in the package). Thanks in advance for your support and stay safe!