Subscribtion rules BrewEx 2019

Subscription Rules BrewEx 2019

  1. If, after the 21st of June, the amount of subscriptions is a, financially, unachievable number, the committee will determine the order in which the registered participants are allowed to join the trip. The total amount of attendees will be the available places for the closest financially achievable amount of attendees.
  2. A subscription is only official at the moment that a registered member has transferred the deposit of €50 to SVTN “J.D. van der Waals”.
  3. The date at which the participant list will be established is the 24th of June.
  4. Committee members will always be permitted first.
  5. The committee has, in collaboration with the board, decided on the order. This will be shown in point 6.
  6. For the drawing of lots the registered members are divided in the following categories:
    1. Members that are part of the committee.
    2. Members that have a driving license and are willing to drive a van during the trip.
    3. Members.
  7. The categories will be permitted to join the trip in the order of a till c, starting at category a. After that, lots will be drawn for category b until there are at least 3 drivers per vehicle on the trip. The remaining members of group b are then joined with group c and the remaining spots are divided, again by lottery, amongst this group.
  8. Drawing of lots will occur with closed notes on which the names of the members in the corresponding category are written.