Parents Day 2019

Do your parents still have no clue of what you're studying at university? Or are they bombarding you with questions about physics every single day? Next time they ask you there is one answer: "Come to the Parents' Day on April 3rd!" 


Batavierenrace 2019

On 10 and 11 May de yearly Batavierenrace will take place!! Together with 24 other Van der Waals members you will compete against 349 other teams and 8500 students in a 175km long relay race from Nijmegen to Enschede. On top of that, there will be a big closing party with all participants. Would you like to compete and run a stage somewhere between 3.5 and 11 km? Subscribe to the Batavierenrace! The subscriptions will be open from Wednesday 27 February until Friday 8 February 15:00. Participation costs €12,- if you want to sleep in a tent and €20,- if you want to sleep in a gymhall.

General Assembly

Come to the General Assembly (GA) and get to know the current situation of Van der Waals. Around 18:00h, the meeting will be suspended for dinner at ‘t Rozenknopje. For €6,- you will be able to join dinner (a pasta with meat or a vegetarian curry) by sending an email to The meeting documents can be found here (TU/e Network). The final date to subscribe for dinner is 24th of February.


Extended Borrel

This Thursday the weekly Borrel will continue untill 20:00 o'clock instead of 19:00. So come by and enjoy your alcoholic drinks extra long!

Cool idea brainstorm

Often companies want to sponsor Van der Waals in the form of an object (i.e. a cargo bike or pens) and not purely in a monetary manner. We want your help to help us come up objects which Van der Waals can use and companies would realistically want to sponsor. In order to achieve this we will host a brainstorm session in de ‘Salon’.

Scientific Excursion Darmstadt

During this trip we will travel on Friday 29th of March early in the morning to Darmstadt, where we will visit the particle accelerator of the GSI Helmholtzcentrum and afterwards go to ESA (European Space Agency). At both locations we will have an extended tour to all their facilities and at ESA it will be concluded with an hour long presentation and Q&A session from an employee their. Afterwards we will sleep in Frankfurt and at Saturday 30th of March there is a free day where you can explore the city.

Kleine Buex 2019

The small study trip abroad is just around the corner, this year the small study trip abroad will travel to the Quantum Capital of Europe: Copenhagen! In Copenhagen we will have activities that are cultural and scientific. The Nils Bohr institute and the Technical University of Denmark will be visited, together with an excursion to Seaborg, a nuclear fission energy startup. As cultural activities a city tour will be organized together with a pub-crawl and a boat tour, with lots of time to explore the city in your free time.

New Year's Reception

A new year has started and it will be a good one! To start off in a good way, the board of Van der Waals, ’Vortex, een wervelend fenomeen’ , is organising a New Year’s reception on Monday 7th of January at 18:00h in de ’Salon’. During this reception there will be some food, drinks and time to talk with your fellow physics students about the exciting new year and your new year's resolutions. Are you going to lose weight? Stop drinking and smoking? Start going to classes again? The dresscode for the New Years Reception is Tenue de Ville.