Books for Q2

The books of quartile 2 can be bought here from now: All books are deliverd to your house from now on. It is no longer possible to let them be delivered to the Van der Waals room. Order before Novemberthe 25th! Untill that time, the collective discount applies. In case you have questions, you can send an e-mail to:

Symposium "Physics of the Future"

On Wednesday November 20st, the annual Eindhoven Physics Symposium will take place at Vue Cinema Eindhoven. This year, the topic of the symposium is "Physics of the Future". This symposium will be the perfect opportunity for students and non-students to come into contact with the frontiers of physics and get to know the future.

The symposium this year consists of a quiz, lectures and the Young Speakers' Contest. The event is opened to everyone! You can subscribe via

Lockers in Flux

As you may well know, a lot of lockers in Flux are out of order. This is due to a malfunctioning in the locks, which most likely is caused by a production error in 2014. The Internal Affairs Office of the TU/e is in touch with the manufacturer, and working on a solution. There is some time needed to get the new locks delivered and build them into the lockers. The faculty requests your understanding.


On Thursday the 19th of September, the board organises a constitutionlunch! You can congratulate the new board, 'Apollo', shoot for the moon, and enjoy a lunch that is entirely free. The lunch will be served in the colloquiumroom at the sixth floor. There is no need to subscribe. We hope to see you see there!

Cleaning up

On the 10th of September, the board "Apollo", shoot for the moon, was installed during the Transfer GA. Our first task on the next day: cleaning up! Have you ever seen the Van der Waalsroom so empty? Hopefully, it will soon be filled again with desks and sofas and tea and stuff. In the mean time, all members al still very welcome to come by and have a chat with us!

We would like to thank 'Vortex', een wervelend fenomeen for all the work they have done for Van der Waals and for us to prepare. And we also thank them (a bit) for the ridiculously excessive amount of trash the have managed to grow in the Van der Waals room.


Het bestuur van Van der Waals wenst iedereen een hele fijne zomervakantie en hoopt dat iedereen gezond weer terug is tijdens de introweek of vanaf de start van het nieuwe collegejaar! Uiteraard zijn alle leden ook welkom om langs te komen op de wekelijkse Borrel, die door blijven gaan in de zomervakantie op donderdagen van 16:00 - 19:00. Er is één uitzondering, de Borrel van donderdag 18 juli is verplaatst naar vrijdag 19 juli! Daarnaast is de Van-der-Waalskamer op een aantal momenten geopend tijdens de vakantie. Dit zijn de volgende momenten: