Borrel on Wednesday

Next Wednesday, instead of Thursday, the weekly Van der Waals Borrel will take place! Keep this in mind if you want to have drink in de ‘Salon’ this week.


Coming Monday (29-04) the website will be out of order for a couple of hours due to maintaince work on the server.

Subscribtion Intro Parent 2019

For the Intro of 2019 we are looking for intro parents that would like to guide a group of first year students during the intro week from the 19th of Augustus untill the 23th of August and also teach them the first things about the student life. If you are interested in being a intro parent and you found your partner, send an email to

Easter Brunch

De paashaas is weer gezien in Nederland! Ga op zoek naar chocolade-eitjes en paashazen onder het genot van een heerlijke brunch. Kom tussen 12:30 en 13:30 naar de Colloquiumzaal voor deze gratis brunch om nog alvast te genieten van het paasweekend.


Brasgala 2019

On Thursday 25th of April from 19:00 o'clock, the third Brasgala fo Simon Stevin will take place. Ries will represent Van der Waals this evening and ofcause we hope he will 'bras' a lot of 'knorren' on the ground. Come by and support him and other participationg Van der Waalsmembers!

Nieuwe Borrelapp

There is a new official Borrelapp der SVTN "J.D. van der Waals". With epic functions like: seeing the Borrel menu, turning the Rad van Gerstenat, rate beers, check your Borrelbalans etc. Lots of Borrel pleasure! To download it, click here.

LaTeX workshop

This Latex workshop is specially made for physics students and you will learn the basics so you will be able to work with Latex. The goal of this workshop is to have a working template in Latex for making reports which you would be able to use for EP3 or you BEP. The workshop costs €1,-. (un)Subscribe untill April 4th 23:59. Subscribe here.