Van der Waals socks design contest II

The deadline for the socks design contest has been postponed to 2 February 2020 (this is the Sunday after the second exam week), 23:59h. So if you want to get creative (or if you are looking for some study avoidance), design your own socks! The designs sent in are put on Good luck designing! Send your own to, more information can be found here.

Subscriptions study tour abroad Singapore & Malaysia

Due to some circumstances, there is still one spot left for the study tour abroad to Singapore & Malaysia! During the summer holiday we will go with a group of 24 student to Singapore and Malaysia to combine science, nature and culture for 3,5 week. We will visit Singapore, Malakka and Kuala Lumpur and on the other hand explore the jungle of Taman Nagara and the island Tioman! Are you interested in joining this study tour abroad? Come to the Van der Waals room to subscribe. Keep in mind you need to pay a deposit of 150 euros by bank at your subscription.

Van der Waals socks design contest

Van der Waals merch is becoming a thing this year! 250 pairs of socks will be bought and sold in/out to everyone who wants to wear them. However, they must be designed first. Therefore this contest is organized: everybody who has a great idea for the socks can send in his or her design to After that, a vote among all members will determine which socks it will be going to be. Of course, the winner of the contest receives his/her pair for free! For more information, view the activity.

Lockers in Flux II

The lockers on the 6th floor in Flux will get new locks this evening (Tuesday 26-11) after 18:00. Please ensure that you empty your locker before that time, if you use one.

Please pass this message through such that it reaches the right people.

BuEx 2020 Singapore and Malaysia

During this summer break the study tour abroad will go to Singapore and Malaysia!! The subscriptions are open from Monday 18th of November 12:30 until Friday 6th of December 13:30. For these subscriptions you need a copy of your passport and you need to pay €150,- by bank account at the moment of subscription. More information can be found here. We hope to see you in the Van der Waals room to subscribe!

BuEx infolunch

Every year during the summer holidays, the BuEx Committee organizes a study tour abroad for Van der Waals members. This year the trip will go to Singapore and Malaysia for approximately 3,5 weeks. During this study tour science and culture will be combined. We will visit Singapore, Malakka and Kuala Lumpur and on the other hand explore the jungle of Taman Nagara and the island Tioman! Would you like to participate in this trip or want more information about the trip? Come and visit the infolunch during the lunchbreak of the 15th of November in the colloquiumroom (Flux 6.154).

Keep your stuff safe!

The department has received notifications that there have been cases of theft in Flux recently. Please beware your stuff, and do not leave your workplace unattended. If something happens, please report to the Flux reception.