Back to the Future!

On the 6th of October 2015 SVTN "J.D. van der Waals" celebrated her 11th lustrum. This is celebrated in two lustrum weeks with different activities. Part of the activities also took place outside those two lustrum weeks. In the overview below, all the activities that are organized for the lustrum can be found. 

Besides this a special lustrum paper was designed for the lustrum. This paper contains a lot of information regarding to the lustrum. The pdf-form of this paper can be found here

The lustrum was organized by the 56th board Scintillatie, the 57th board Lumen and a lot of different committees which can be found here


  • September 24: Lustrum opening Borrel
  • September 28: Lustrum stunt (opening for the entire TU/e)
  • September 29: Pubquiz
  • September 30: Back-to-the-Past Borrel
  • October 2: Reunion
  • October 5: Activity: Making ice sculptures
  • October 6: Lustrum party and the Dies of Van der Waals
  • October 7: Hungover brunch
  • October 8: Back-to-the-Future Borrel
  • October 9-11: Lustrum weekend (LuWi)
  • November 6: Lustrum gala
  • November 20: Symposium