Van-der-Waals Fraternities

Current Van-der-Waals Fraternities

Many women thrive at Applied Physics and conquer this man-abundant environment perfectly fine. Van der Waals itself is a large student association filled with friends, amazing moments and fun. However, many girls long for a bit of girl talk from time to time as well. That is where Curieus comes in. We are a sorority with a very good bond, filled with friendships, great activities and trips. We organize fun activities throughout the year for Van der Waals. Next to the great moments we share with the rest of the association, we also create our own happy memories together.

"It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value,” as Professor Stephen W. Hawking stated. Which is why we –of Fysisch dispuut Hawking- not only stand for high IQ, but also for high EQ. Intelligence alone is not sufficient; sociability and comradery too belong to the essential pillars of our fraternity. Since the 1st of June 2010 we provide a genius contribution to our study association. Fysisch dispuut Hawking is open to everyone, with this we want to encourage other notable Van-der-Waals members, including first years, to endeavor to join us.

Theomos is an association within SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” and currently consists of fifteen members. Theomos is based on the principle that our group of friends should give back to the association that gives us so many awesome times. In that spirit, we have organized many activities for ‘Van der Waals’. In addition to this, we also have a lot of internal activities and we are always open to new members joining the party. In commemoration of our founding, we wrote the following mythos, called the ‘Theomos’ Epos’, detailing the origins of our association.

After having done several firstyearcommittees we thought: we want more! And hence someone came with the idea of founding a Van der Waals fraternity – why wouldn’t we? A fraternity where everyone can have fun without much obligations. As said most of us were already active within Van der Waals, so organising more activities appealed to us. The more creative minds among us decided – with the help of a little vodka and oregano – that the cow had to become our mascot. And so it came to pass. On the 21stof February 2018 Experimenteel Dispuut i.o. KlemKu was founded. We hope to organise many more awesome activities for Van der Waals, until then!