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Ever wondered where your favorite beer comes from? Do you know how it’s made? Or have you been drawn out of the BuEx, but you still want to have a week of fun with other Van der Waalsmembers? Then you’re in luck! Van der Waals is organizing the first BrewEx (Brewery Expedition) this summer! In six fantastic days we will visit eleven different breweries scattered across Belgium. Have a drink with the monks at Westvleteren, buy chocolate and beers in Bruges and try your sour tastes at Timmermans, it can all happen during the BrewEx 2019!


The BrewEx will take place from Sunday July 14th till Friday July 19th and will cost around 190 euros per person. This will include travelling, camping, food and brewery activities. Subscriptions will open on May 21st and close on June 21st. Subscription is only finalized when a deposit of 50 euros is made at Van der Waals (ask the board or the committee how to make this deposit). Questions? Contact the committee at

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Breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands