Parents Day

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Do your parents still have no clue of what you're studying at university? Or are they bombarding you with questions about physics every single day? Next time they ask you there is one answer: "Come to the Parents' Day on April 3rd!" 


On this day your family members together with you will have a chance to experience the lectures, quizzes, studio classroom, see the research groups and (most importantly!!!) go to the Borrel. The event will start at 09:00 at Auditorium and finish at 19:00 at 'de Salon'. The contribution fee is 5 euros per person, including lunch and a Borrel voucher. Don't forget to bring cash, as you will have to pay the fee on the day of the event. It will not be possible to pin.


If you want your family to see how easy peasy lemon squeezy Applied Physics is, subscribe! 

You can (un)subscribe untill 28th March.


3 april 2019 09:00   tot   19:00
Auditorium and Flux