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Monday the 9th of March, the fraternities and sororities organize the first ever Multi Disputaire Activiteit, in short the MDA. For only 2 euros, you can join an evening packed with activities in de ‘Salon’. The activities are inspired by game shows, but there will be lots of twists. You can sign up on your own but you can also select a buddy if you want. Then you will be divided in groups of 6. At the end, the winner of the activities will get a generous reward. During the activities, the bar will be open so no one will have to be thirsty.
The program will start at 18.00 and will last until approximately 21.00. To make sure that all the bellies are filled, we will order food at Soho before the activity. The prices of the dishes are not yet known (at your own cost, but the meals might become cheaper than indicated), but you can already write down your desired dish when you subscribe if you want to join the dinner.
We hope to see you at the MDA!

9 maart 2020 18:00   tot   21:00