Curieus High Wine

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Wednesday the 5th of February, Curieus organizes an activity you do not want to miss. A High Wine Diner! For only 11 euros, you can enjoy a ‘gezellige’ evening with 5 courses and 5 glasses of wine. The evening starts at 18:00, so we expect your tummy to be empty, because there is enough food to make you roll yourself home after this diner. The activity will take place at Scouting Stratum. The last bottles will be poured at 21:30.

For people who do not want to drink alcohol we have a nice alternative: you’ll get 5 different juices that fit well with the course for a total price of 7 euros.

We hope to see you at the diner the 5th of February!

5 februari 2020 18:00   tot   21:00