Hawking Oktoberfest

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Da sind wir wieder! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Oktoberfest! The time of year where beers can not be ordered in smaller glasses than a beautiful Maß and Weizenbier is sold like hot sandwiches. Do you want to experience Oktoberfest yourself, but do not have the time nor funds to travel all the way to München? Don’t worry, Fysisch Dispuut Hawking has got you covered!

On Monday October 14th we organize our very own Oktoberfest. We will import only the finest Weizeners all the way from Deutschland, and prepare a delicious Oktoberfest styled dinner for you to enjoy. For only €10,00 we will hook you up with all of this, and even provide you with your very own jug and a free beer

14 oktober 2019 16:30