Book sales

The books for quartile 1 of the new academic year can be bought here from the 14th of July: If you order your books via this website, they will be delivered in the Van-der-Waals room in Flux. If you already are a member of Van der Waals, you can choose home delivery. Log in to your Van der Waals account. Click 'book sale' -> 'home delivery' in the menu and your send to the right website for home delivery. 

New first years: When you pick up your notebook and clicker (31th of August) it is possible to buy your books. In a lecture room (to be announced) you can buy all the books a first year student need in the first quartile of the year.  At the same time you can subscribe for the student association Van der Waals, which is necessary if you want to buy books. From this date on it will be possible to order your books online. 

In case you have questions, you can send an e-mail to: