Pick up your almanac 2020-2021!

The time is finally there,

Your journey can start.

Behold and beware,

A beautiful piece of art

So swiftly pick up the Almanac of 2020-2021,

As this year can never be undone.

The Van der Waals room is where you will find the book,

And the committee hopes you will adore its look.

The lustrum is closing in and you can obviously not wait until all the lustrum activities start. To kill the time between now and the activities the General Lustrum Committee created the lustrum paper! Enjoy a small piece about ‘time’, check who organised your favourite lustrum activity, or complete one of the puzzles at the end. Especially the one created by Da Vinci Derivatives. Solve this puzzle correctly and perhaps you will win a beautiful Da Vinci Bluetooth speaker! The lustrum paper can be found as an attachment to this news post or printed in the Van der Waals room.

The lustrum activities week of SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” is rapidly closing in and all the lustrum committees are working hard to present fantastic activities to all the members of the association. The GLC created a beautiful website to get a good overview and more information about all the activities when they come available. This is also the place to be to subscribe to all the activities when necessary! It is possible to visit the website by following this link. But, make sure your university VPN is off since it interferes with the way the website is built and thus it restrains you from entering the website. We hope to see everybody at all the amazing activities which are planned between May 17th and May 23rd!

All the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) licenses are from this date onward declared invalid as most of you already have seen in the email from IMS. This means that we cannot use programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat DC anymore for ‘free’ until further notice from the IMS. The committees where these programmes are a necessity are currently covered by a license via the Applied Physics faculty for which we are very grateful. The board is currently evaluating what the best points of action are for the future. But this can take some time, so stay tuned.

The WebCie recently added a new feature to the website where it is possible to add activities to the calendar, but not to show them on the home page. This means that all the currently planned activities for the third quartile 2020/2021 can be found in the calendar! When the date of the activity approaches, it will be visible on the home page like you are used to.

But keep in mind that the time, location and content of an activity can change quite rapidly due to the dynamic development of the Covid-19 virus. So keep an eye on the website. We hope to see you at a lot of different activities during the second semester of the academic year!

The first episode of the infamous Sinterwaals 2020 series has been launched on YouTube! By clicking on this link, you will be transported to the new adventures of Sinterwaals and his Petes. Be prepared for a new episode every Wednesday until December 9th when Sinterwaals will attend a very special activity within Van der Waals.

Most of you already read the new measurement given by the Dutch government. These, of course, also apply to our association. We got word from our faculty with a set of regulations to which we need to adhere to, to create a save environment for everyone.

There are two important updates: the first one is that we are no longer allowed to organise offline activities. This means that all the activities on and around the campus will be cancelled for at least the upcoming 4 weeks (until 13/11/2020). But this does not mean that SVTN “J.D. van der Waals” will stop organising activities! The committees and the board will try to create many interesting and engaging online activities for everyone. Suggestions for creative ‘online activities/contactless activities’ will always be welcome and can be sent to board@vdwaals.nl . The second update is that we are luckily allowed to keep the Van der Waals room open for members! This means that you are still allowed to come by when studying on the campus to grab a cup of coffee, have a small chat, or just relax for some time.

The board is currently also updating the Van der Waals Discord server which you can join via this link. This discord is made for all our members and has different voice and text channels which will be updated regularly. You can have a chat, play some games, or join in one of the voice channels to create e.g. a study group!

After months of being closed, Van der Waals will be open for walk-in once again from 03-09 onwards! Though in a different fashion, due to the strict limits on the occupation of our rooms. You can come by in the colloquium room on floor 6 to ask your questions, have a chat and/or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea. If you want to make an appointment, you can pick a time slot in the document that you can find under ‘For members’, then ‘Make an appointment’ (you will have to log in first). The people in this schedule will have priority over spontaneous visitors. If you need a specific board member, it’s best to send them an email or a text message to ask for their availability (and presence). We are looking forward to seeing you in person again!

As most of you know, there are Borrels every Thursday. Even during the summer holiday! But, due to the unavailability of a proper location on the TU/e campus, the Borrel on Thursday 3 September has been cancelled.

But all other Borrels in the foreseeable future will continue! Due to a higher expected number of visitors, the subscription-based Borrel is reintroduced. You can subscribe for these Borrels on this website when you click on the activity on the agenda. See you there!